How To Wrap a Painting As a Gift

There are many ways to wrap a painting if you want to ship it, but what about creative wrapping for your painting gift? It might look like it, but it is not difficult to wrap a painting in gift wrap for protection and display.

Wrapping a painting as a gift may have more to it than it seems on the surface, so we will look at it. Protection for the painting is also important, so you need to add this when you are wrapping the painting.

But without further ado let’s get right to it and take a look at the ways on how to wrap a painting as a gift.

Protection Is Important

If the gift is going to stay wrapped for a while before the recipient is going to open it, you need to protect the painting. This can be done by wrapping it in protective bubble wrap or Styrofoam sheets as a protective layer over the painting.

Before you wrap it in the protective layer, you need to add some cardboard corners to every corner of the frame to protect the wood. The protective layer must be kept in place with packing type by winding it around the protection.

When the protection is in place, you can wrap the painting in any gift wrap you want to use to make it look nicer.

Inside a Gift Bag

If the painting is not too large, you can easily put it in a gift bag if you find one large enough for the painting. This will allow the painting to stay upright in one position to keep it protected from accidental damage.

Gift bags are a popular way of presenting a gift to someone if you do not have the skill to wrap a gift. But it is also versatile and can be used for even a wrapped gift, and is available in many different colors and motives.

Be careful because a gift bag can be seen as an afterthought or a way to get away with the intricacies of wrapping a gift.

Put It In a Box

A box may seem like a boring and not so creative idea to put a painting you want to give to someone as a gift. however, you can become very creative by wrapping the box with nice gift paper, and this may also conceal the fact that it is a painting.

There are so many different gift wrappings available at your disposal that you will be able to choose to your heart’s content. It is also a good idea to wrap it in distinctive wrapping that may hint at the contents of the box.

There are no limits when it comes to creative wrapping for a box, and you can go with many different inspirational ideas.

Female holding her picture drawing at the brown paper while preparing gift for somebody

Wrap It In a Sleeve

A sleeve might become quite a creative way to wrap a painting that is meant as a gift for someone. This can be made from a variety of materials to give it a distinctive look while at the same time protecting it.

A simple sleeve made from gauze may give your gift an earthy look and feel and disguise the gift inside the sleeve. Or you can make it from valuable material that can be used to keep the painting safe in the future as well.

There are so many creative ideas to make a fabric sleeve that will add fun to the gift wrap.

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

This type of cloth is natural linen that can be used to protect the painting and make it more presentable and fun. There are ways to make the Furoshiki wrap at home if you are into making your own things at home.

Many ideas on how to make this type of fabric at home can be found on the internet, and this may be quite rewarding. But if you are not into that, you can easily buy it from online stores or any fabric store located near you.

Furoshiki wrapping cloth is versatile and helps you think a bit out of the box when it comes to gift wrapping. This cloth for gift wrapping is also eco-friendly and a sustainable replacement for plastic or other paper gift wrappings.

This is also not a time-consuming method and may even save you money in the long run with the reusable feature of the cloth.

Keep It Simple

If you give a painting to someone who will use it immediately, you can keep it simple with a lovely ribbon bow. You can wrap the bow around the painting or just put it around a small corner part of the painting.

This is an ideal way to wrap a large painting that can not be wrapped or will not fit in a gift bag or box. This simple decorative wrapping can add some nice adornment and frills to the painting when you present it to the recipient.

When you use this method to wrap a painting, make sure the decorations added to the painting will fit with the painting’s motive. An extravagant embellishment will not go well with a painting with a somber theme.

Some Advice

  • When you buy a painting for someone as a gift, make sure that it will fit in with the decor of their home.
  • Never give a painting without a frame to someone; you need to complete it with a nice frame that fits the artwork.
  • Find a painting that will also fit into their personal preferences and style so you can complement their character.
  • If their home does not have a specific style, it is a good idea to give a few small pieces of art with similar frames and motives.
  • Do not give them portraits, except if it is a portrait of someone they like, adore, or know.


These are only a few creative ideas on how to wrap a painting as a gift; there are so many ideas you can still explore. Hopefully, this will put you on the right track to wrap the next painting you give to someone.

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