How to Wrap a Gift with Construction Paper

Wrapping a gift can be fun and exciting. There are so many directions you can go when gift wrapping and so many outcomes you can have. Gift wrapping allows you to get creative. It’s incredible how simple it is to make beautifully wrapped gifts.

When it comes to selecting a wrap, people get creative too. Many people use wrapping paper. However, some people use everyday items, like shopping bags, envelopes, and white copy paper, to wrap their gifts. A few people use construction paper. That’s right, construction paper! 

What is Construction Paper?

Kids often use construction paper for their arts and crafts, and it is sometimes called sugar paper. Construction paper is colored card stock paper with a slightly rough texture and an unfinished surface. It is mainly made from groundwood pulp, and small particles are visible on the paper’s surface.

One defining feature of construction paper is its bright colors. Besides being used for kids’ crafts and projects, construction paper is used to make posters, napkin rings, bookmarks, gift tags, collages, paper sculptures, holiday decorations, ornaments, etc. Recently, construction paper has been used to wrap presents. When used the right way and appropriately embellished, your wrapped gift will look amazing and stand out.

What Else do you Need When Wrapping With Construction Paper?

Construction paper has bright colors but you can still get more creative. You will need scissors, ribbon, and tape to wrap your gift. Other things you may decide to use to decorate your paper include glitter glue, paint pen or markers, spray paint, lace, and raffia. 

To get an incredible look, you may use a marker or paint pen to draw designs on the paper. It is essential to use colors that match your construction paper. You can get creative with patterns such as dots, curves, and sprinkles.  

How do you Wrap a Gift Box with Construction Paper?

Using construction paper for gift wrapping is a great idea, but how do you go about it? It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Place your gift upside-down in the center of the paper. If your gift is a big one, you might consider using more than one piece of construction paper.
  • Fold up one side of the paper and tape it to the gift box. 
  • Fold up the other side and secure it with tape. When that is done, you should have two open ends.
  • Without turning over the box, take one open end and cut a little section out from the middle of the top part. This is done so that it will be easier to wrap.
  • Fold down the top part (which is now smaller than the bottom part) and tape it down.
  • Straighten the edges and fold the sides inwards, securing each side with tape. 
  • Cut a little bit off from the bottom part if you need to. Smooth the edge and fold up the bottom part. Secure it with tape.
  • Repeat the same steps with the other open end. 
  • Make a bow and tape it to your gift.
  • You may decide to tie twine around your gift or add raffia. 

colored construction paper

Can you Wrap an Oddly Shaped Gift With Construction Paper?

You most definitely can. Choose a paper size to suit your gift and wrap your gift using any of these methods:

Method 1

  • Place your paper on a surface and fold one side to the middle. Fold the other side to the middle, too, with a little overlap at the middle.
  • Tape both sides together from top to bottom.
  • Fold up the base. It has to be wide enough to fit your gift. 
  • Open up the base and fold diagonally, making a triangle on one side and a triangle on the other. You should have a sort of diamond shape then.
  • Fold the opposite points to the middle and tape. 
  • Open the paper up and fluff.
  • Place your gift inside.
  • Fold the upper end down and tape it. 

Method 2

  • Place your gift at the center of the paper.
  • Wrap the paper around the gift and secure it with sticky tape. 
  • Fold up one end of the paper. You should have a cylindrical shape.
  • Tie the other end with a string or ribbon. You may make a bow and add it as an embellishment.

Method 3

  • Choose your paper according to the size of your gift and fold one side by one and a half-inch. Fold the other side too.
  • Fold in the top two corners to make a central point. This will be the envelope flap.
  • With that in place, fold in the bottom edge. This will be the envelope pocket.
  • Fold out the paper flat again, and add double-sided tape to the inner folds of the two sides you previously folded.
  • Fold the bottom edge again to form a pocket shape. Secure with tape.
  • Place your gift inside the pocket.
  • To form the flap, seal the central point of the top two corners. Seal the corners with double-sided tape to form the flap.
  • Stick the flap down by adding double-sided tape.
  • You may add a ribbon and tie it into a bow. 

Gift Styling

You’re wrapping with construction paper. Get creative and have fun with it. Styling your gift should be fun and you can use the supplies you have in your home to style it. Choose your colors carefully. A red and white theme works well for many gifts. Put extra thought into styling and the recipient of your gift will appreciate the creativity put into it.

Final Thoughts

Working with construction paper while gift wrapping is fun. It’s a chance to get creative and come up with beautiful designs and patterns that your gift recipient will appreciate. You can decorate your packages in different, gorgeous ways that will amaze people.

Giving unwrapped gifts is not illegal, but where’s the fun in that? A wrapped gift adds a certain appeal to a gift. Wrapping with construction paper is easy if you follow the steps above. Don’t be scared to embellish your package. Use that bow or raffia if you want to. In the end, the smile on the face of the recipient will tell you it was all worth it.

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