How to Wrap a Gift in Newspaper 

The days when gifts had to be wrapped in expensive, shiny wrapping paper are long gone. These days, creativity when wrapping gifts is welcomed and appreciated. We can cut down on our carbon footprint by wrapping gifts in newspapers while boosting our reusing ratio.

In addition, newspapers can provide a colorful and exciting medium for gift wrapping. By learning the simple steps of wrapping a gift in a newspaper, you will embrace a skill that can save you money, impress your friends, and allow your creativity to flow. 

How to Wrap a Gift in Newspaper 

The truly remarkable thing about wrapping gifts with newspapers is that no two gifts will look the same. Imagine having a selection of gifts under the Christmas tree, each with its own unique print and color design. 

By following these six simple steps, you can wrap your gifts in a newspaper like a pro.

Gather your wrapping materials 

Before you can start wrapping gifts, you need to collect the following materials: 

  • Newspaper 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Tape 
  • A gift to wrap 
  • Ribbon, a bow, or a card (optional) 

It is essential to look at the newspaper before wrapping your gift. Examine the print and pictures for anything that isn’t appropriate for a gift. If you find that your sheet of newspaper contains any words or images that won’t match the happy occasion of the present, get a different sheet of newspaper. Investing time to ensure that the newspaper you are about to use is suitable will save you great disappointment and frustration. 

The best pair of scissors to use on gift wrapping with newspaper are those that cut through paper easily. Avoid using blunt or rusty scissors when working with newspapers. Most types of tape will be perfect when you are using newspaper to wrap a gift, so you can select the type of tape you prefer. Some people enjoy using double-sided tape to avoid any tape signs in the final product. 

Make an estimation of how much paper is needed 

When wrapping a gift, it is best to work with a piece of wrapping paper that is neither too big nor too small. The same applies when you are wrapping a gift with newspaper. You could end up with a sloppy final product by attempting to cover a gift with a piece of newspaper that is much too large. On the other hand, trying to wrap a gift with a bit of newspaper that is too small could result in a gift that hasn’t been entirely covered. 

In order to estimate the amount of newspaper needed, place the gift on the sheet of newspaper and see how much you need to cover the present. Then cut the paper to match your estimation. 

Fold the edges so that they meet in the middle of your gift 

The next step involves the first part of covering your gift. By keeping your gift placed firmly in the center of the sheet of newspaper, wrap the two edges over your gift to meet in the middle. Use tape to secure them firmly but neatly. 

Handling the sides 

Once you have secured the newspaper in the middle, the sides of the gift will be covered by overlapping newspapers. By starting on one side, fold each side separately into a triangle. Once you have finished forming two triangles on one side, turn your gift and do the other side. You will end up with four triangles on the sides of your gift. 

Securing the sides 

The next step is to tape the triangles down firmly. Start by folding one of the triangles on the side of your gift towards the other triangle. Then fold the remaining triangle over the first so that it hangs over the side of your gift. Then tape it down so that the entire side of the present is covered with newspaper. 

Now you can repeat this process on the other side of the gift. Once this is done, your gift is wrapped in newspaper. 

Add special touches 

The last step to make your gift stand out is adding a little something special. If the person that the gift is for loves a particular color, for example, you can add a cute bow in that color to the middle of your gift. Another option is using string to add some color to your present. Be sure to work carefully because newspaper can tear when handled roughly. 

If you have prepared a card, place it carefully and tape it down onto the gift. Some people prefer not to add a card. Instead, they enjoy adding special touches by using the letters in the newspaper to create a unique and fun message. The options are endless when it comes to making a one-of-a-kind gift. 

Is there anything I should consider when wrapping my gifts with newspapers? 

Choose wisely

Although most types of newspapers will be acceptable when it comes to wrapping gifts, it is best to avoid newspapers that have been overly exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Newspapers that have seen some wear-and-tear might be hard to handle. Additionally, very thick newspaper that is typically used for advertisements can be frustrating to work with. 

Consider the shape of your present

In an ideal world, every gift is easily wrap-able. However, sometimes it can be very challenging to wrap a gift because of its unusual shape or texture. Ask yourself whether the gift that you have bought is something that can be wrapped easily. If the present has a highly complex shape, consider placing it in a box first so that wrapping won’t be as tricky. 


Taking the time to wrap a gift for someone is a testament of love. That is why most of us enjoy putting in effort when it comes to preparing a gift for that special someone. If you are ready for a new challenge that is creative, easily accessible, and environmentally friendly, consider wrapping your gifts with newspapers. Your gift will make a statement that is much appreciated.