How to Make a Collapsible Gift Box

When it comes to gift-giving, the most important thing, and the most expected thing, is the actual gift. That said, no gift is truly complete without a little presentation. Most people would agree that receiving a gift is always so much better when it comes to a little presentation, be it a bow, some festive wrapping paper, or in a box.

But what if you’re a bit bored of the typical wrapping paper route? Maybe you just want to raise the bar and try something new for that special person. Well, we might just have an idea for you. Keep reading to learn all about collapsible boxes, how to make them, and why they are a cool and novel idea.

What is a Collapsible Box?

A collapsible box is pretty much what the name implies. They are generally made from cardboard or similar materials and feature a series of grooves that enable them to fold or collapse into themselves. One of the easiest collapsible boxes to think about (so you can get your head around it) is a pizza box or any other similar boxes. The main appeal or advantage of a collapsible box is that you can unpack it and fold it up, thus taking up less space.

Other included benefits are that it will offer some resistance by providing an extra layer of protection against the outside and ensuring your gift is at less risk of getting harmed. The last benefit is that most collapsible boxes are recyclable and they can be reused, benefits that you won’t get with most glitter wrapping papers. That said, this is also dependent on what type of material you decide to go with.

In essence, you can make a collapsible box out of most materials, provided they are hard enough and can offer a rigid enough frame that will prevent the box from folding in on itself. Most arts and crafts stores should have all the materials and tools you could possibly need to create and design whatever you have in mind.

It would also be a great idea to speak with one of the employees and ask for advice regarding what type of material to go with for whatever you have in mind. Popular choices are thick and firm sheets of paper, cardboard, and flexible plastic sheets. All that matters is that the material is firm and rigid but also flexible.

How to Make a Collapsible Gift Box

When it comes to making a collapsible gift box of your own, there are a few ways to approach it depending on what type of box you have or what kind of design you want to go with. Do you want to go with a simple pocket-sized box or a more sizeable box that you could fit a cake in? For the sake of brevity and simplicity, this article will focus more on giving you the basics of how to make a simple collapsible box. This is actually all you need, as once you know how to make one of these, you will know enough to make some modifications and adjustments of your own.

Thick Paper Sheets and Cardboard

That all said, let’s start with making a collapsible box made from thick paper sheets and cardboard. Once you have your workstation ready and have all the materials and tools you need, you can start the process. Word of warning, please be extremely careful when using tools such as a knife or box cutter as they can be incredibly sharp.

Likewise, when using a ruler to ensure you cut straight, make sure you use a firm and thick metal ruler. Not a cork or flimsy plastic ruler because if that knife slips, it could easily slice through the ruler and possibly cut one of your fingers. You don’t have to be scared about using one, just make sure you use one correctly and properly.

Safety should always be your first priority. It is recommended that beginners use a template when making their first design attempt, as it can be quite a tricky and confusing process. Again, for simplicity, we’ll show you how to make a simple gift box out of an A4 piece of cardboard paper, as shown in this video.

The Process

To begin, lay the A4 piece of cardboard lengthwise (portrait) onto a clear desk or workspace. Next, take a ruler and measure a ruler’s width off the top and bottom ends of the sheet, marking these areas by drawing a line across them. This will help to form the frame of the box. After this, you will need to fold both marked-off areas (let’s call them frames 1 and 2) on their respective lines.

Once done, fold frame 1 over the body of the box until it is touching frame 2. Press down along the sheet of paper to ensure you finish the fold and make a crease. You will then unfold frame 1 and repeat the exact same steps with frame 2. If done successfully, you will have two fold lines lying within the middle of your frame.

Next, you will need to rule and mark off a ruler’s width along the lengths of the piece of paper (creating frames 3 and 4), as well as drawing a line across the middle lines (center 1 and 2) that we just made. For the next phase, you will need to cut along the short lines along the sides of the sheet, except for those that run through the width of the paper (the lines formed by frames 3 and 4). These cuts will create the flaps of the box.

The next step is to apply glue onto the flaps of the top and bottom of the sheet (the ones adjacent to frames 3 and 4’s lines) and the center flaps (the space in between center 1 and 2) and begin to start sticking the flaps to the other loose frame pieces along the length of the paper. However, ensure that flaps of centers 1 and 2 are only glued onto the bottom frame pieces. Once dry, you should have a little paper box or chest of your own!

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