How to Gift Wrap Shirt Style

You’re generally going to want to wrap your gifts nicely, especially if you have taken the time to pick them out thoughtfully. Sadly, not every item is easy to wrap, and there are going to be a few gifts that give you grief as you try to wrap them.

One such gift is a shirt. But if you’re struggling to wrap a shirt, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you a number of ways that you can wrap a shirt and make it look beautiful. Read on for more information about how you can do exactly this.

How to Gift Wrap Shirt Style

Below are the simple steps to follow to gift wrap a shirt.

Step 1: Place the Folded Shirt in a Box

To start, you’ll want to fold the shirt the way you normally would. Then, place two sheets of tissue paper at the bottom of the box and place the shirt on top of them inside the box.

You can also place another piece of paper on top of the shirt to keep it nice and secure, and then tape it shut for even more security. For convenience, you can get your hands on some garment boxes for free by purchasing clothing, particularly at department stores or those that offer gift-wrapping.

You’ll also be able to purchase garment boxes at party supply stores, big-box stores, and other places that sell gift wrapping. Note that taping the box will prevent it from opening while you are wrapping it.

Step 2: Place the Box On Wrapping Paper

The next step is to unroll your wrapping paper until you have a sheet that is large enough to wrap around the garment box entirely. Place your garment box face down onto the side of the wrapping paper that is not printed on, with the width of the box facing toward you.

You’ll then want to use some scissors to snip the section of wrapping paper from the roll. Keep in mind that it helps to cut a larger piece of wrapping paper than what you need. You’ll always be able to cut the excess away once you’re finished, but you will never be able to add more if you’ve made the piece too small.

Step 3: Pull the Paper Over the Box & Tape it Down

Now you’ll want to pull the far end of your wrapping paper up and over the box, then use tape to secure it to the box. It helps to use double-sided tape for this step, and if you want to create edges that look sharp and neat, be sure to use your index finger and thumb to crease the flap over the edge of the box before you tape it.

Step 4: Pull the Wrapping Paper Over

After you have taped the first side of the paper down, you should then push the box backward so that the bottom of the wrapping paper is pulled until it is taut. Then pull on the side of the wrapping paper that is nearest to you to cover the front side of the box.

Where the paper folds over the box’s edges, crease it. Try not to push super hard, or you may cause the box to rip through the wrapping paper.

a shirt and tie inside the gift box

Step 5: Cut Away Excess Paper

Now it’s time to snip any excess paper off using a pair of scissors, but be careful not to cut it too close to the box. Instead, leave around 1” of paper more than what is necessary to reach all the way around your garment box.

Don’t worry – when you’ve finished wrapping, you aren’t going to see this excess paper. It’s no big deal if you haven’t cut it perfectly straight.

Step 6: Fold the Extra Paper & Tape it Down

With the edge of the box acting as a guide, fold the remaining excess paper lengthwise in half. You should then crease the paper all the way across the fold using your fingers.

Pull the wrapping paper in such a way that it is taut against the box. After that, place two or three small pieces of tape on the fold’s edge to secure the wrapping paper. Note that folding your wrapping paper this way will create a clean edge that looks much neater than if you were simply to cut the paper to size.

Step 7: Fold the Top Flap Down On One Side & Cut Away Excess

Turn the box so until an open side faces you. You’ll then need to fold the upper portion of the paper down over this side, creasing the paper at the place where it folds over the garment box at the bottom and top.

At this point, cut the paper along its bottom crease. As an additional step, you could fold in the sides to create neat triangular shapes at the box’s corners. Of course, simply folding the flaps down is much easier.

Step 8: Tape the Top Flap Down, Fold, Cut, & Tape the Bottom Flap Down

Pull up the bottom flap so that it joins at the top end of the paper. Crease it at the place where it folds over the box’s underside, then do so again at the top.

You should then cut the extra paper off and tape the flap down. In the same way, as when you wrapped the garment box’s sides, it can look better if you leave around 1” of wrapping paper and tuck it under before you cut the flap and tape it into position.

Step 9: Repeat

If you’ve done the previous steps correctly, you will be left with just one side of the box exposed. Rotate the box so that this open side faces you, then repeat Step 8.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve done that, your package will be complete! Now you can add your decorations, like a name tag, some ribbons, and a bow. Speaking of bows, be sure to check out our duct tape bow tutorial.

And there you have it! Your shirt should now look perfect and ready for gifting!