How to Gift Wrap a Large Rectangular Box

You have accomplished the most important task involved in gift-giving and found the best gift. The next step will be wrapping it in an attractive box to hand to its eventual recipient. However, this process can be tedious and downright frustrating. That’s where this article comes in as we will be going through the comprehensive process of wrapping a rectangular present without having to rip your hair out.

What You Need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape, either clear or decorative
  • Sharp scissors
  • A bow
  • A ribbon

How to Gift Wrap a Large Rectangular Box

Below are the steps to wrapping a rectangular box

Get measurements and cut

The first step involves spreading the wrapping paper on a table or a counter. Proceed with placing the present dead center on the wrapping paper while making sure you have enough of the wrapping paper to cover at least two sides and meet in the middle while leaving some wrapping paper to spare.

The other two sides do not have to meet this requirement. From here, proceed to cut the wrapping paper. Now turn the gift upside down on the plain, non-decorative side of the wrapping paper. The idea is to get the plain side facing up.

The initial folds

Fold one side and bind it to the box with clear tape. With the other side, proceed to do as you did with the first side, this time making sure that you have a clean edge. Where the two folds meet, secure it with some tape.

The bottom

To be on the safe side, try to get excess wrapping paper on the edges which you can then proceed to trim to your level of comfort. You should have wrapping paper that is as long as the height of your present.

On one edge on the now upright side, fold the wrapping paper in a manner it forms a 90-degree angle with the edge of the present. You should then proceed to do this with both sides of the wrapping paper. Do this for the other side; the result should be a trapezium shape on both sides of the present.

Fold both these sides onto each other to completely cover the present. The two sides should match each other perfectly. Proceed to then use your tape to bind the two separate sides.

Repeat the previous step on the other side

This time it should be simpler when compared to the previous time you did as now you can now tip the present without ruining it. Repeat the previous step now with the advantage of having a better angle to do so.

Crimp all the edges

Despite the functionality of it all wrapping a gift, the aesthetics are perhaps just as important if not more so. This means you have to make an active effort to ensure that all the creases are smoothened out just before you deliver the gift.

To ensure this gift looks as good as it can look, make sure that all the edges are as neat and nice as possible. You can achieve this by pinching the edges of the box and running through the entirety of the box’s edges. Afterward, your gift should be ready to go.

Put on a bow

Bows are a time-tested classic sure to elevate the state of your gift. You can achieve this by attaching a piece of tape on the bow and then attaching the bow wherever you want throughout the body of the now well-wrapped present.

Add a ribbon

Ribbons are just great for adding extra flair to your present as a bow. It allows you to get as creative as you can, letting you inject as much of your personality into the gift as possible.

Take the ribbon and have it loop around the present and tie it on top in a double knot. Have this repeat on the other end so that you make an X. Ensure the excess ribbons on the ends are tied off. With a pair of scissors, pull the ribbon ends across the end of the scissors.

A nice curl will form and you can then hide the apparent knot with a bow of your choice.

Here Are Some Ways to Decorate your Present Using Bows

To enhance the aesthetics of your present, you could take a wide ribbon piece and tie it around the edges of the present. This will eventually form a bow. You can then take this bow and place it on top of the present. The resulting product is a very elegant present that is bound to warm the recipient’s heart.

You can also take a piece of a wide ribbon and proceed to wind it one time on the narrow end of the package. Have the ribbon lean more on one side to create a kind of asymmetrical design. This allows it to stand out that much more. This look can further be enhanced by using ribbons with much more vibrant colors.

With a ribbon, you can loop it making sure it is close to the other side while securing it with tape in the back. Repeat it about an inch then do the same on the other side. This creates a striking design while enhancing its symmetry.

You can also loop two ribbons on both sides of the present from the bottom. The strands of the ribbon will cut through the body of the present and will eventually meet. At the point where they meet you can add a ribbon to add an extra layer of flair to your present.


Gift-giving is a common way to show love and affection across cultures all over the world. The packaging the gift comes from maybe just as important as the gift itself as it shows the care and affection you feel towards the particular individual. Learning how to properly wrap a gift is in itself a gift that will keep on giving.

Wrapping gifts also affords you the ability to personalize them. This exercise in expression is not only loads of fun but also helps demonstrate your affection to the person you will be giving this present to.

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