How to Cello Wrap a Gift 

Cello wrap has been a popular medium for wrapping gifts for many years, and understandably so. It is colorful, fun, and exciting. It is also very versatile and its incredible dexterity and flexibility make it ideal for wrapping nearly any shaped gift. Learning how to wrap gifts with cello wrap is a wonderfully practical skill that will delight gift-receivers. 

If you have become bored with wrapping paper or simply want to try something new, try getting some cello wrap at your local craft supply store or florist. Cello wrap comes in various colors and degrees of transparency, making it ideal for creating exciting wrapping styles.

In addition, people who enjoy cello wrap love the element of mystery that it provides. When used correctly, cello wrap can offer a glimpse of what the gift might be without exposing it completely. It is that touch of mystery that makes it so exciting. 

How to Cello Wrap a Gift 

Mastering the art of cello wrapping gifts is easy if you follow the seven steps listed below.

Gathering your wrapping materials

When it comes to wrapping a gift quickly and easily, it is best to gather all the materials beforehand. Attempting to wrap a gift while not having all the materials within arm’s reach can be very frustrating. To cover a gift with cello wrap, you need the following materials: 

  • Cello wrap 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Tape 
  • Additional touches such as ribbons or bows 

Measuring your cello wrap

When it comes to wrapping a gift in cello wrap, the essential step is to measure your cello wrap so that it is the correct size. You risk your gift appearing sloppy or messy by attempting to wrap a gift with too much cello wrap. Alternatively, wrapping a gift with too little cello wrap can lead to a gift appearing to be dull or under-wrapped. 

In order to measure your cello wrap, place your gift in the center of the cello wrap that you have selected. If you are planning on using more than one sheet of cello wrap for a colorful and exciting appeal, place the sheets on top of one another. Then take opposite sides and pull them upwards. The cello wrap should be just a little higher than the gift. Cut off all excess cello wrap before continuing. 

Cut your cello wrap neatly

After you have decided on the size of the sheet of cello wrap you need, place the cello wrap on a flat surface. Then, using a good pair of scissors, cut the cello wrap while trying to avoid ragged or skewed edges. A smooth cut of your cello wrap can boost the neatness of your final product, so it is worthwhile to take the time to cut the cello wrap neatly. 

Cover the gift with cello wrap

When you are happy with your cello wrap’s size and cut, lay it on a flat surface. Use your hands to remove any folds or wrinkles in the cello wrap. Place the gift in the middle of the cello wrap. Pick up the four edges of the cello wrap and bring it to the center, covering the gift with cello wrap. Turn the present to ensure that all areas are covered by cello wrap. 

Secure the cello wrap

Now that the gift is completely covered with cello wrap, the next step is to keep it in place. Take a piece of tape that is long enough to go around the cello wrap twice. Wrap the tape slowly around the cello wrap, ensuring that it is secure and neat. It can be very tricky to remove tape from cello wrap, so it is best to take your time when using tape. 

Add finishing touches

Although many people enjoy simply using cello wrap with their gifts, we shouldn’t underestimate the value of a beautiful bow or piece of ribbon. By placing a finishing touch on your gift, you can make your gift more personal and unique. 

Do a final assessment

Now that your gift has been wrapped and decorated, have a final look at how the cello wrap falls around the gift. If you see any odd ends, carefully cut them off using a good pair of scissors. 

Additional Tips for Using Cello Wrap on Gifts 

Damaged cello wrap won’t do the trick

If you have found some old cello wrap in your cupboard, you might be wondering if you can use it to wrap a gift. You could possibly, depending on the quality of the cello wrap. You must use cello wrap that doesn’t have any cuts because those cuts can easily tear open, revealing your wrapped gift. If your cello wrap is pretty old and feels fragile, it is best not to use it for gift wrapping. 

The scissors you choose matter

Cutting cello wrap can be challenging, especially if you are not using good scissors. To avoid damage to your gift or cello wrap, choose a pair of sharp scissors. 

Double-sided tape isn’t an option

Double-sided tape has become increasingly popular in gift wrapping because of its ability to be unnoticed. However, double-sided tape isn’t a good option when it comes to using cello wrap. Not only will it not keep the cello wrap in the correct position, but it will attach to the cello wrap in an awkward manner making your cello wrap appear unevenly placed. 

Consider your gift’s shape

Although most gifts can easily be wrapped with cello wrap, it is crucial to think about your gift’s shape. Gifts with very sharp edges can potentially cut your cello wrap, exposing the wrapped gift. Therefore, gifts with sharp edges are better placed in a box before covering them with cello wrap. Additionally, cello wrap can be pretty slippery, so it might be best to place breakable items in a box before using it. 


Cello wrap can open a wide range of options for gift wrapping. So embrace this excellent wrapping medium and let your creativity flow. You might enjoy the process of creating colorful and unique gifts more than you realize.