30 Gift Ideas For An Autistic Child In 2024

gift ideas for an autistic childWhen it comes to gift ideas for an autistic child, the best options will depend on the child’s needs and preferences. There are many excellent choices, ranging from fun toys to items that help to make their lives easier. By exploring an array of gift ideas for an autistic child, it becomes easier to decide which ones will be the best.

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Indoor Therapy SwingGears! Gears! Gears! Building BlocksVibrating Pillow
DreamGYM Sensory Swing - X-Large Therapy Swing - 95% Cotton - Red Compression Swing for Autism, SPD, Anxiety - Hardware IncludedLearning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Toy Set, STEM Toys, Construction Toys, Gears for Kids, 150 Pieces, Ages 3+Special Supplies Vibrating Pillow Sensory Pressure Activated Calm for Kids and Adults, 12” x 12” Plush Minky Soft Cover with Textured Therapy Stimulation Bumps (Blue)
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1. Milliard Sensory Pad

Milliard Crash Pad Sensory Pad with Foam Blocks for Kids and Adults with Washable Cover (5 feet x 5 feet) (Blue)This pad contains foam blocks inside of it so that it’s safe for people to land on. It’s also a good place for relaxing and reading. You can wipe off the cover and wash it, ensuring that it’s super easy to keep clean. The air that gets into the pad is released gently due to the vents so that this pad remains soft and comfortable and perfect for rambunctious kids (or adults!).


2. Visual Analog Timer

TIME TIMER MOD (Charcoal), A Visual Countdown 60 Minute Timer for Classrooms, Meetings, Kids and Adults Office and Homeschooling Tool with Silent Operation and Interchangeable Silicone Cover This timer is a good choice for kids who do well with having a strict schedule. You can use it to time things for 60 minutes at a time. Once the time is up, this will show so that it is clear that it is time to move onto the next task. This is one of the best gift ideas for an autistic child because it is easy to use and there are no loud ticking noises.


3. Inflatable Peapod Sensory Chair

Bouncyband Medium Comfy Peapod Sensory Chair - Blue 60" - Fun, Inflatable Peapod Chair Provides Therapeutic Sensory Relief and Compression for Kids Ages 6-12, Includes Electric Air Pump

This comfortable chair allows children to remain calm since it provides a cocooning element. You only need to inflate the peapod and then place it where the child likes to relax. The surface is washable, so it is easy to keep this product clean. It is very durable and measures 48 inches long, so there is plenty of space to stretch out.


4. Super Building Toy Set

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Toy Set, STEM Toys, Construction Toys, Gears for Kids, 150 Pieces, Ages 3+This toy set allows children to express their creativity while also working to better develop their fine motor skills. The set is comprised of gear-shaped pieces in a variety of colors. There are 150 pieces in this set, giving kids a variety of pieces to work it. It is ideal for those who are at least four years old.


5. White Shark Silicone Chew Necklace

Shark Tooth Chew Necklace for Kids, Boys or Girls - Chewing Necklace Teething Necklace Teether Necklace Chew Toys Teething Toys - Designed for Chewing, Autism Sensory Teether Toy (3 Pack) The child can wear this necklace so that they can use it to chew on at any time. It adheres to all of the FDA requirements to ensure safety, and it is made from a food-grade silicone. This necklace is very durable, so your child can wear it and chew on it often without having to worry about it breaking prematurely.


6. Spring-Assisted Educational Scissors

Maped Helix USA Koopy Spring-Assisted Educational Scissors, Kids, 5 Inch, Blunt Tip, Right Handed Use (470249US),Black/White For autistic children, learning how to use scissors properly allows them to be more creative. These scissors measure five inches, and at the tip, it a blunt end to make using these scissors safer. You can use these scissors if you are right-handed. In addition to learning how to use scissors, these also help kids to improve their hand-related fine motor skills.


7. Liquid Motion Bubble Timer

Liquid Timer - Sensory Toy for Relaxation, Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer with Floating Color Lava Lamp, 3-Pack Incredibly Effective Calming Stress Relief Hourglass Toy for Kids & Adults, Autism & ADHD As kids are working to follow a schedule, having a timer is very helpful. This timer is more fun and interactive than a standard clock. You turn it onto its opposite side and the floating, colorful beads start settling from the top to the bottom. Once they reach the bottom, the child will know that the time is up.


8. Indoor Therapy Swing

DreamGYM Sensory Swing - X-Large Therapy Swing - 95% Cotton - Red Compression Swing for Autism, SPD, Anxiety - Hardware Included

This swing can accommodate kids who weigh up to 165 pounds. It works to cuddle the child and provide them with a sense of protection. The swing is made from lycra material, so it is both durable and soft on their skin. Use it to ensure an ideal level of sensory integration so that the child is comfortable in their environment.


9. Florensi Weighted Lap Pad

Florensi Weighted Lap Pad for Kids, 5 lbs - Weighted Blanket for Kids, Toddler, Baby, Teenager, Boys, Girls - Soft, Warm, Comfortable - Sensory Items for Sleep - Calm Down Corner Supplies - 20" x 23" Children with sensory issues often benefit from blankets that are weighted, but a full blanket is not practical in every environment. This lap pad serves the same purpose, but it is much easier to carry around. It comes in a blue constellation pattern, the material is soft and it provides five pounds of weight.


10. Harkla Sensory Body Sock

Harkla Body Sock - Sensory Socks for Kids - Stretchable Sensory Sack to Help Kids Relax and Focus - Easy to Wash Breathable Sensory Full Body Sock for Kids - Extra Large 64" x 30" This sensory sock measures 64 by 30 inches, so it can accommodate children of various ages. It is a good choice for kids who need some assistance with a sensory processing disorder. There are buttons that are easy to use to close the child into the sock so that they remain inside until they are ready to come out.


11. 4-in-1 Sand Water Table

TEMI 3-in-1 Sand Water Table, 28PCS Kids Beach Summer Toys Sandbox Table for Outdoor Activity, Sensory Play Table with Dolphin Water Wheel, Molds, Bucket, Shovel for Toddlers Boys Girls

This sand and water activity table has four separate parts which can hold water, sand, snow, soil or anything you can think of for sensory exploration. Children can enjoy water fun and create sand castles! Great sensory toy for a child with autism or down syndrome.


12. Sunny and Fun Balance Stepping Stones

makarci Stepping Stones for Kids, 5pcs Non-Slip Plastic Balance River Stones for Promoting Children's Coordination Skills Sensory Play Equipment Toys Toddler Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 Years Help children improve their balance and motor skills with these stepping stones. They come in a variety of colors to help to keep kids engaged when they are using them. With 11 stones, you can spread them out and provide kids with plenty of space to move around. There are four different levels of steepness and size.


13. Everyday Educate Fluorescent Light Covers

Everyday Educate Fluorescent Light Covers for Ceiling Lights, Classroom, Office, or Light Covers Fluorescent Filter- Eliminates Flicker & Glare - 48" by 24" (4 Pack, Sky Blue) Bright lights can sometimes be bothersome for children with autism. These light covers can go over a fluorescent light to make the level of brightness a lot easier to handle. There are four of them in a set and they measure 48 by 24 inches, making them a good choice for most standard fluorescent lights.


14. Grippables Comfortable Silverware

Upward Baby Kids Utensils Set - Lego Interlocking 6 Piece Sensory Spoons and Forks for Self-Feeding - Toddler Silverware - Fun Stainless Steel Utensils for Toddlers - 12 Months Old + Baby Led Weaning Children with autism may have difficulty using regular silverware which can cause issues with their nutrition. This set of silverware has a fork, knife and spoon designed for use in those with sensory issues. They are easy to grip so that it is easy for kids to hold onto them. When it is time to clean them, it is safe to put them into the dishwasher.


15. HandiWriter Handwriting Tool

HandiWriter Handwriting Tool (colors may vary) Make it easier for children to write comfortably and confidently with this tool. The knit band stretches, and the fabric is comfortable for them to wear. Most children can fit this band since it is stretchy. There are different colors and at the end of the satin cord, there is a small dolphin to keep kids interested in it.


16. Kids Autism Running Shoe

Soulsfeng Kids Autism Awareness Shoes Girls Boys Fashion Running Athletic Walking Tennis Sneakers Jigsaw Puzzle Blue Little Kid 1  

Make it easier and more comfortable for children to walk when they are wearing these. When the child is hopping or stepping, if there is a squeaking, it lets them know that they need to make some adjustments. While wearing these, it helps them to do things like improve their gait so that it is easier to move around.


17. Sensory Chew Necklace Bundle

Chew Necklace Bundle - Silicone Chewies - Great Tool for Sensory, Autism, ADHD, Biting, Oral Motor - Chewy Stick/Tube Toy Jewelry for Boys, Girls, Kids, Adults - by Senso Minds (5 Pack) Having something to chew on can help kids with autism to remain calm because it gives them something to focus on. These necklaces can also aid them by giving them a sensory experience. You will get five necklaces in different colors with this set. They are on a cord so that they can easily be worn around the child’s neck.


18. Sensory Cuddly Elephant

Lambs & Ivy Jungle Safari Gray Plush Elephant Stuffed Animal Toy Plushie - Jett During the times when it is not practical to carry around a large, weighted blanket, this stuffed toy can provide a similar level of comfort. When children are holding this elephant, it can help to improve their attention and focus, allowing them to remain calm. It is made from 100 percent cotton and measures 14 by 18 inches.


19. Stretchy Sensory Bracelets

MaberryTech Direct Sensory Stretchy Kids Bracelets, 6 Pack Funny Speech and Communication Aid Coil Toys for Boys Girls with Autism ADHD Fidget Anxiety or Special Needs - Assorted Colors This bracelet is a good choice for kids who often have fidgety fingers. Inside the bracelet is a marble and the design of the bracelet has a maze. The child will put the bracelet on and then they can work to push the marble around the bracelet until it gets to the end of the maze to aid in reducing stress and anxiety.


20. Vibrating Pillow

Special Supplies Vibrating Pillow Sensory Pressure Activated Calm for Kids and Adults, 12” x 12” Plush Minky Soft Cover with Textured Therapy Stimulation Bumps (Blue)

This innovative calming pillow is designed to help sooth stress or anxiety, promote calm, and restore physical and emotional balance with a comforting squeeze and gentle vibration. Perfect for kids with sensory needs or anyone looking for a unique pillow!


21. Nuts and Bolts Building Set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Construction Building Set in a Box (48 pcs) This set of nuts and bolts has lots of pieces and it is a good choice for kids ranging from two to six years old. The nuts and bolts are relatively large in size, making it easy for kids to maintain a hold on them. All of the pieces are made from hardwood, ensuring that even with regular use, the pieces will maintain their durability.


22. Magnetic Elapsed Time Set

MAGNETIC ELAPSED TIME SET This set helps kids to understand the concept of time elapsing. The timeline is segmented, and you can set the time to start and end in the AM or PM, depending on the schedule you use in your home. It is relatively easy to work with, and your child can use it along with other time toys to learn this concept.


23. Listening First Headphones

Califone 2800-BL Listening First Stereo Headphones, Blue You can also buy a set of 6 headphones, so you can keep a pair everywhere your child spends time so that they are always available. They have a standard plug and are compatible with a wide variety of mobile and learning devices. Since the cords measure more than five feet, it is easy for your child to move around when you are wearing them.


24. My Printing Student Workbook

Learning Without Tears - My Printing Book Student Workbook, Current Edition - Handwriting Without Tears Series - 1st Grade Writing Book - Letters, Language Arts Lessons - for School or Home Use This workbook is a good choice for home use and for school. It is focused on what children learn when they are in the first grade. Use this book to help your child to learn about letters and how to spell words that are age appropriate for those at this grade level. The design is fun and simple, so almost any child can use it with ease.


25. Articulation Cards

ThinkPsych First Nouns Picture Play Cards | Award Winning | 4 Fun Games & 150 Picture Cards for Speech Development | Autism and Speech Therapy Materials | Best Flash Cards for Toddlers and Homeschool

These cards help children with articulating target sounds in a variety of word types and when they are used in sentences. The cards measure three by five inches, so it is easy to see what is printed on the card. This set has 90 cards with a wide array of target sounds that you can use alone or in combination with other cards.


26. Princess Castle Playhouse Tent for Girls

ORIAN Princess Castle Playhouse Tent for Girls with LED Star Lights – Indoor & Outdoor Large Kids Play Tent for Imaginative Games – ASTM Certified, 230 Polyester Taffeta. Pink 55"x53".

Children can use this tent to play in a variety of ways, or just to sit in when they want to relax in something cozy and comfortable. This princess tent can withstand all the wear and tear little kids put it through. The material is compatible for use as both an indoor playhouse and kids outdoor playhouse, and will last for years.


27. Kinetic Sand – Sandbox Set

Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset with 3Lbs of Beach Sand, Includes Molds and Tools, Play Sand Sensory Toys for Kids Ages 3 and Up

Kinetic Sand for kids is the original, squeezable play sand kids love! Create epic sandcastles and sand art again and again in this Super Sandbox Set that’s 3 feet long. Use your portable Sand Box as a play space and fold it up when you’re done for easy clean-up.


28. Play Rolling Pins

READY 2 LEARN Paint and Clay Texture Rollers - Set of 4 - Textured Dough Rolling Pins for Kids - Open-Ended Patterns for Crafts and Decoration This product is a good choice to help keep kids calm when they are in an environment that is causing them stress. They can use it alone or in combination with different learning activities to help them to focus. Since the handles are three inches long, it is easy for kids to maintain a hold on them when they are using it.


29. Super Blocks Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

GiiKER Super Blocks Pattern Matching Puzzle Games, Original 1000+ Challenges Brain Teaser Toys for Kids & Teens, Stocking Stuffer Halloween Birthday Gifts for Boys Girls, Travel Games for Road Trips

This game of pattern blocks has multiple pieces in a variety of geometric shapes. It is a good choice for kids who are age six and older. The child takes the different blocks and places them onto the board to appropriately cover the illuminated area. The challenge and excitement of the game will keep children engaged and entertained. As a result, they learn how to put together puzzles and what different shapes look like.


30. Liquid Zig Zag Motion Bubbler

YoYa Toys Liquimo Liquid Zig Zag Motion Bubbler for Kids and Adults - Satisfying Sensory Toys for Calming Stress and Anxiety Relief - Fidget Dropping Toy Can Be Used As Colorful Office Desk Toy Timer

This desk toy has kids and adults hooked! The soothing, colorful oil drops and spinning wheels are great for stress relief and relaxation. The sensory toy is a popular choice for kids with autism, and ADHD too.


31. Teachable Touchables Texture Squares

Educational Insights Sensory Squares, Textured Beanbags Squares, Toddler Sensory Toys, Preschool Kindergarten Classroom Must Haves, Set of 20 Beanbags, Ages 3+

These squares come in different textures, including slippery, soft, scratchy and silky to help kids to learn more about how different textures look and feel. There are 20 squares in this set that kids can use to work with. The size of the pillows is small so that it is easy for small hands to hold onto them.



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