Best Ways to Give Gift Cards

Have you ever wondered how to give a gift card? Do you simply put it in a card or envelope? How can you make a gift card special?

There are many ways to give gift cards as gifts, and the best way will depend on the recipient and the occasion. 

Here are a few ideas:

Greeting Card

This is the classic way of giving someone a gift card. Gift cards are often small enough to fit inside a standard greeting card, so this can be a simple and convenient way to present the gift.

Small Gift Bag

You can also place the gift card in a small gift bag or envelope along with a note or a small trinket. If you want to spice things up, put something fun in the bag like some candy or something that represents the theme of the gift card.

Part of a Larger Gift

You can include a gift card as one element of a larger gift, such as a gift basket. Create your own themed gift basket full of treats and trinkets that the recipient would enjoy and then just stick the gift card in the middle!

Stocking Stuffer

A gift card can be a great addition to a stocking, especially if it’s for a store or restaurant that the recipient loves. If you celebrate Christmas or like to decorate with stockings, this is an easy way to gift a gift card for the holiday season.


You can present the gift card as a surprise by leaving it in a place where the recipient will find it, such as in their car or on their desk.

No matter how you choose to give the gift card, it’s always a good idea to include a note or a personal message to make the gift more meaningful.

How to Gift a Gift Card in a Creative Way

What if you know how to give a gift card but you want an extra special way of giving it?

Here are a few ideas for gifting a gift card in a creative way:

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Hide the gift card in various locations and provide clues to help the recipient find it. Here’s a kit to help you create a scavenger hunt.

best ways to give gift cards


Incorporate It Into a DIY Gift

You can include a gift card as part of a larger DIY gift that you create. For example, you could make a handmade bracelet and tuck a gift card for a favorite store inside the box.

best ways to give gift cards


Make It Part of a Themed Gift

Choose a gift card that fits with a particular theme or interest, and build a gift around it. For example, if the recipient loves coffee, you could give them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop along with a bag of specialty beans and a new mug.

best ways to give gift cards


Present It In Unique Container

Instead of just putting the gift card in an envelope, try packaging it in a unique container that reflects the recipient’s interests. For example, if they love cooking, you could put the gift card in a small recipe box. Or you could try something fun like this gift card puzzle box:

creative ways to give gift cards


Add a Personal Touch

Personalize the gift card by adding a handwritten note or drawing, or by attaching it to a small item that has special meaning to the recipient. You could try using special stationary like cute watercolor inspired set:

creative ways to give gift cards


Hopefully this has given you some ideas on different ways you can present a gift card. There are lots of unique ways to make a gift card special if you use your imagination and consider the occasion and the recipient’s likes.


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