What is Traditional Gift for 50th Birthday


There are many milestones that we reach and approach throughout our lifetimes. Some of them we cannot wait to reach. Others we wish we could go back in time to revisit. And others still we look at with a mix of happy apprehension.

Regardless of our personal sentiments and perceptions of reaching these milestones, one thing is for certain: they should always be celebrated as an important moment that acknowledges where we have come from and where we are on the path of this journey we call life.

One such moment is reaching the hallowed age of 50, an age that says that you and time have walked together for half a century. So, the question remains, what do you give to someone who has reached this milestone? Read on to get some ideas.

Ordinarily and traditionally, the accomplishment of reaching the 50th anniversary is often known as the golden jubilee. People often misinterpret the word ‘anniversary’ to be solely reserved for the celebration of marriage, when in fact, the term simply means that it is the celebration of a year that can be applied to events, businesses, celebrations, and people.

Again, according to tradition, anniversaries of a specific year are often matched with a particular precious metal or gemstone. As you can guess from the name, the precious metal associated with the golden jubilee, or 50th anniversary, is gold. So, let us start with that.

daughter handing gift to mother


Gold is a precious metal that offers a balance between elegance and ostentations beauty, a metal that can be gaudy if overused or refined and regal if worn correctly. Gold is also a surprisingly versatile metal that can be transformed into a multitude of shapes and forms, from watches to bracelets, necklaces to earrings, rings to brooches.

The first thing you should take into consideration is the gender, preferences, and tastes of the gift receiver. While a gift should always retain some of the personality of the gift giver, the gift is ultimately for the receiver. Something as simple as a stunning and minimalist gold necklace is an appropriate gift for your mother, father, wife, or husband.

That said, if either you know that the recipient does not hold a fondness for gold, or that you greatly desire to inject some of your personality into your gift, then there is something else you could consider. This idea is similar to the first in that it is jewelry-focused but different in that you are not limited to gold.

Birthstone Jewelry

Instead of gold as the focus, you could consider commissioning or purchasing a piece of jewelry with the recipient’s birthstone. This is a marvelous idea that not only showcases that you went the extra mile and put some real thought into your gift, but it also makes the gift more personal. It is a gift that celebrates their time of birth greater than one that does not, one that attaches some spiritual importance to the gifted item.

Think about it. You could purchase a dazzling silver ring fixed with a deep red garnet or a slim golden necklace with a hanging pendant that closely hugs a brilliant and vibrant sapphire. Whatever the chosen stone or the metal that it will adorn, you are equally as spoiled for choice when it comes to what you want to get.

This is a gift idea that is only limited by your imagination and possibly your wallet. Perhaps you lack the funds you wish you had to purchase such a gift. Or that you are looking for something that is less standard or traditional.

Commissioned Local Artwork

If that is the case, another inspiring and brilliant idea would be to do something a bit more creative. A bit more arts and crafts focused. One idea is to create something that is really a celebration of their life. Three ideas immediately come to mind with this one.

The first is to look for a local artist and commission them to do a portrait, even better if you already have a shining artist within the family. Sure, some of you might think that’s a bit easy or cheap if done yourself, but who said that the value of a gift is ultimately subject to the price tag attached to it?

 Photo album with wooden cover

Photo Album

A gift should always come from the heart. This brings up the second idea, which is to create a photo album that captures and details all the recorded moments within the recipient’s life. From childhood photos covered in mud to university photos where they still had a bit more hair, or even photos when they held you in their arms for the first time. It is a simple gift that nonetheless leads both of you nostalgically down memory lane.

Personalized World Map

The last and third idea is genuinely one that more people should really think about doing. The gift idea is to commission or create a personalized map of the world that traces and highlights all of the places they have traveled and backpacked across, all of the places they have lived and worked, and all of the places they still wish to visit and explore.

Even if the person has not traveled that far, you can still adjust the idea and create a map that zooms in and focuses more on their hometown and the region they live in, be it a state or a province. Just because you might never have traveled far does not mean that you have not lived and explored your own back garden. Who’s to say you cannot always pair the gift with, say, a plane ticket and start them on their journey.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the ideas we can present you with to help you find that perfect gift to celebrate this special moment with that special person in your life. Even if some of them are unattainable, the only thing that really matters is to be there and celebrate the day with them, to give them something that they will always remember not because it was jewel-encrusted, but because you gave it to them.

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