How to Wrap a Gift to Make it Look Expensive

When it comes to preparing or wrapping up presents for those dear to you, it can be a joy and a pain. One of the most anxiety-inducing aspects comes from the constant worrying that the wrapping or presentation looks lackluster and cheap. If this sounds like something you have been or are going through, then don’t worry. Keep reading for some great tips to really make those gifts vibrant and pop. Best of all, it’s much simpler than you would think!

How Do You Want to Present the Gift?

To help simplify things, let’s narrow things down by first looking at what kind of design or approach you want to take. There are two ways to approach present preparation. The first is the old classic gift-wrapping, the second to put it into something interesting and more unorthodox. Both approaches have their own perks of sorts that help give them the edge.


Let’s start with the gift-wrapping approach, which has a lot of versatility when it comes to colors, patterns, styles, and addons. Color is really an amazing thing when you think about it and can really change how we perceive the thing associated with it. You could go with a seasonally inspired approach and pick out a nice mix of colors to give your gift the right look, whatever the season might be.

Bright, vibrant solid colors or pastels are great for some summer or springtime gifts, keeping them friendly and exciting. Rich oranges, dark greens, and browns will make that gift just scream autumn. For winter, go with cool whites, deep blues, or classic Christmas winter greens.

Seasonal Options

But what if you don’t like the seasonal angle? Well, color isn’t restricted to have to be seasonally appropriate. Learn about color coding and or color blocking from some interesting mixes to help give the gift some personality. Related to this, it’s also never a bad idea to wrap the present in the favorite colors of the person the gift is for. They will certainly appreciate the fact that you knew this about them.

Alternatively, you don’t always have to go with loud colors to make your gift a statement maker. Sometimes simplicity is the key, which is why going with solid black or white gift paper can help create an elegant or sophisticated appearance. That said, adding some embellishments like gold, silver, rich color strings, and bows will really elevate the look.


This brings us to the next point; embellishments and addons are a must, not only to show that you put some effort into the gift but also to really make it an eye-catcher. The first and most known is adding some colorful strings, ribbons, and ringlets of sparkly paper, around or on top of your gift to give it some presence. Adding to that, you can add some alluring sprigs of lavender or rosemary tied to the gift for a touch of nature while giving it a wonderful scent.

Building on that, you can always add some mystery by scenting the paper with sprays or hiding some scented items within the paper. Or, instead of mystery, you could go with familiarity and scent the gift with the person’s favorite smells and scents. Both approaches are great ideals that will improve the overall impression of your gift and give it some grandness.


Let’s get back to colors, or back to basics, and then break the basics by going with patterns! Traditional geometry, floral, or unorthodox patterns can give the gift an eye-popping quality. Whether it’s trails of triangles, interweaving flowers, or streaks of flying birds, any style is most times a vast improvement over just a bland solid color or brown wrapping paper. But if you are not a fan of patterns, that is also not a problem as you can still look for some wrapping paper with funky designs or images to still give the present some pizazz.


On that note, another often not done or seen design choice to really personalize your gifts is to add a small, sleek black and white photo attached to the gift of the person you are giving it to. The picture could be of them looking comical or at their best, or it could be of a photo of the both of you to add some nostalgia to go along with it. Either way, it is certainly a design to keep in mind.

That broadly covers all the options open to you if you decide to go with the wrapping option, and now onto the second approach.


The earlier mentioned unorthodox approach would be to place your gift into an interesting container. Pick out a beautiful ceramic or glass jar to hold those luxurious and mouth-watering chocolates you choose for that lucky person. Or go old school by packing your gift into those classic cookie tins that your grandparents have around the house.

You can even take it further and hide your gift in plain sight by packing it into something so ordinary and unassuming-looking to fool and surprise the receiver. It’s certainly a more entertaining approach that will cause a lot of excitement and elicit some laughs and smiles. When it comes to going with a container or case, you have as many options available to you as the wrapping approach.

Although, who’s to say you cannot have the best of both worlds? You can always still wrap up, personalize, and decorate your gift while still enhancing it with a beautiful and artful container as an accompanying frame to build around it. It is undoubtedly an approach to keep in mind to really make a grand statement.

Final Thoughts

So now you know how to wrap a gift to make it look expensive. When it comes to presenting your gifts, there are near limitless options and choices available to you, as this article has hopefully shown you. Now that you are armed with all this designing and wrapping knowledge, it’s time for you to give it a go.

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