How to Wrap A Gift in a Funny Way

Have you found the perfect gifts for your loved ones? Then all that’s missing is a great gift box. A funny wrap is a witty, surprising, and unique way of wrapping a gift. In this article, we will see some funny tips, tricks, and ideas with which you can wrap your gifts nicely.

Hide Gifts in a Hollowed-out Book

Do you still have an old, thick book at home that you no longer need? Very well! A discarded book that is hollowed out inside is ideal for fun gift wrapping with a surprise effect.

It offers a fun and surprising alternative to boring gift wrapping, in which everyone can guess what is hidden under the paper. When handing over the gift, the recipient will believe that he or she has gotten a book again – instead, when the cover is opened, the actual gift is revealed.

This packaging is particularly funny when it comes to a book that the person already owns. Be curious to see how the “I already have it!” facial expression turns into unexpected surprise.

  • First of all, the book cover, including the first pages, must be protected from sticking with the help of cling film. So wrap them up carefully.
  • Then, depending on the book size and page thickness, mix slightly liquid glue with 50-70% white glue and 50-30% water. Instead of white glue, you can also use napkin glue from craft suppliers.
  • Close the book and use a brush to carefully spread the glue all around the exposed edges of the book pages (and not on the cling film), which should soak up the solution halfway. Now the coated book margins must dry for about 30 minutes.
  • Open the book again and begin by drawing your cut-out area on the pages that are glued to the edge with a pencil. You must keep a distance of at least 1cm from the edge.
  • Then the individual pages are cut out one by one. To do this, carefully move a cutter over the drawn frame and make sure that you hold the knife as perpendicular as possible to the spine of the book.
  • Once all of the pages have been cut out of the book, except for the pages protected in transparent film, brush a little glue on the edges of the pages inside the indentation and again outside. The glue should soak in nicely and dry again for about 30 minutes. Your gift packaging is ready and guaranteed to be a surprise!

Walnut Shell

Anyone who is presented with a simple nut will certainly be intrigued at first, but ultimately will be amazed when they see what is hidden in it! The funny walnut gift packaging can be made quickly with little effort and requires only a few materials.

Unfortunately, however, it is only suitable for very small gifts such as a pair of earrings, a ring, a narrow chain or a small folded voucher. You will need a large walnut, a cutter, good adhesive, colored varnish, and ribbon if necessary.

  • First of all, you need to carefully open the walnut without breaking the two halves of the shell.
  • The best way to do this is to use a cutter and score in the seam that holds the two halves together. You can then carefully separate the nutshells from each other and remove the nut that is not required.
  • If you would like to color the shell, you can do this now. To do this, paint the two halves with craft paint and let them dry well.
  • Now you can put your little present in one half of the bowl and carefully coat the edge of the bowl with a little glue. Make sure that no glue gets on your gift.
  • The upper half must now be placed exactly on the lower half so that no edges protrude and the nut closes completely.
  • To make the gift packaging even more appealing, you can make a small hanger or a bow out of a ribbon and fix it with a little glue above the nut.

Hide the Present in Many Cardboard Boxes

If you want to fool the person to be gifted, this funny gift wrapping is just the thing, because quickly tearing to open the wrapping paper is not enough! You can make your little present look big and make it twice as fun to unpack with this packaging. We will now explain how you can do this. But you will need many boxes or cloth bags of different sizes and tape.

  • First, wrap your present in wrapping paper as usual.
  • Now put your present in a cardboard box that is slightly larger than the present and seal it with some adhesive tape.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a fabric bag, which is then knotted, or another suitable packaging.
  • Repeat step 2 as often as you like with larger and larger packaging. The more layers you use, the longer it will take the recipient to finally receive their gift because it is in the first and smallest box!

Cheerful gift in red box

Frozen Gifts

If you want to give away smaller gifts such as jewelry or coins, you can hand them over in a very “cool” way with this funny gift packaging. Simply freeze your little present in an ice cube and serve it to the recipient in a glass with their favorite drink.

Another possibility to pack your “icy” is to make an ice cream cake. In addition to money, larger objects can also be embedded in it. With this gift packaging, however, a lot of patience is required until the recipient can finally hold the present in their hands!

For this, you need 2 to 3 frost-proof, round containers of water, decoration such as flowers and ribbon, a freezer, and a cool box if necessary.

  • First, choose two to three round containers of different sizes, depending on the size and height you want. Note that the larger the weight, the more difficult it is to transport the ice blocks.
  • Now the containers are filled with a layer of water and then placed in the freezer. After the first layer has frozen, add some water again and now position your decorative elements, coins, or other funny objects in the water layer. This layer must now also freeze completely.
  • Repeat the procedure from step 2 until your vessels are filled with ice. If you do not want to give away any money, it is best to freeze your present in the middle of the container. The right time, of course, depends on the size of the gift and the vessel.
  • The ice blocks are then stacked on top of one another like a cake and placed on a grid with a collecting container underneath so that the ice can melt easily without leaving water damage.

Nailed Wooden Box

All you need is a wooden box large enough to hold your gift in. After the present has been appropriately placed, for example, on some velvet, tulle, or other decorative material, get a few nails and nail the lid of the box all around.

The mean thing: the recipient is only given a pair of tweezers to open it and wished a lot of fun unpacking!

Depending on the amount of time, you can, of course, secretly keep a pair of pliers ready after everyone has had fun, so they can still get their longed and hard-fought-for gift.

An alternative to nailing the box would be to wrap it with an iron chain, for example, and then lock the chain with a large padlock. Before the recipient receives their gift, they first have to find the key! To give a little help, you could, for example, organize a little scavenger hunt in the apartment.


If you want the recipient to take their time and have a lot of fun while unpacking your present, the packaging ideas shown are very unique. Out of these five ideas, you’ll surely find one that can meet your budget, be suitable for your proposed recipient, and make them crack up, feel surprised, or worked up to get their gifts.

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