How to Make a Paper Gift Bag Step By Step

We all love to make things easier. It’s faster to get a premade gift bag than to make a DIY one, right? But what if you find yourself in a location where there are no gift shops around, or it escapes your mind to get a gift bag until the party is just 30 minutes away.

If that’s the situation, no problem! There are ways to create a homemade gift bag in just 5 minutes, even if you don’t have any DIY skills. Learning this once and for all will save you a lot of money so that you might consider not getting any premade bags after learning how to do so. Also, you can make as many as you want using different wrapping papers. Let’s jump right into it.

What You Will Need for the Gift Bag

To make your first gift bag, you will need a few items lined up:

  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Tags
  • Wrapping sheet

Before we jump straight into the steps involved, you should know that all wrapping papers will not give you the same result. There are ways to go about picking your wrapping paper, and we will give you more insight into this as you continue reading.

Making a Gift Bag Step by Step

  • Spread your wrapping paper on a flat surface such as a table or floor. Place the item you intend to wrap on it. Ensure the wrapping sheet covers the whole of the item entirely. This step is done to determine the size of the paper to be used. Cut the size that will be enough for the item with your scissors.
  • Turn your wrapping sheet over with the shiny part facing outside. Lift the right and left sides and bring them to meet in the middle before taping the seam.
  • Proceed to fold the bottom of the wrapping sheet to form the bottom of the bag.
  • Now, to create the diamond shape of most gift bags, you have to separate the wrapping paper into two pieces and flatten it out in the middle as well as on each corner to make the flattened part firm.
  • Next, bend the top and bottom corners inward before sealing with tape.
  • At this point, your bag should be taking shape, and if you did the bottom well, it should be sitting on the table pretty nicely.
  • Next, fold the top of the bag outward. This is more like flipping to the outside.
  • Now, finish it up by punching a hole where you want to attach the tag or other accessories. If you have stickers, you can stick them to the body.

Picking the right accessory for your gift bag

We used tags as the main accessory for decoration in the steps above, but it’s not a must to go with it. There are other accessories you can use for gift beautification, and they include stickers, elastic string ties, and gift bows. It’s better to go for one of these, especially if you’re using plain wrapping sheets. You can also make ribbons into a bow if you’re presenting a gift to someone you hold in high regard.

brown paper package with red ribbon on blue snowflake background

How to Choose the Right Wrapping Sheet

As mentioned earlier, all gift wraps do not create the same impression. While some might impress the receiver, others might send the wrong message. Hence, before you go all out to get a gift wrap, you will need some tips to pick out the best one for you, and some of the things to keep in mind include the occasion, receiver’s personality, and the kind of gift being wrapped. Let’s expand on these points.

Type of Occasion

What type of occasion will the gift be presented on? Is it a birthday, wedding, or anniversary? Whichever one it is, there are festive-themed gift wraps around. You will find birthday-themed papers with patterns such as party hats, balloons, and other playful characters. Such wraps are ideal if you’re presenting the gift at a kid’s birthday. But for adults, you will require something much more mature such as a birthday greeting written on paper.

Who’s the Recipient?

Think about who you’re presenting the gift to, particularly their age, social status, and attitude. If you’re presenting the gift to a baby, you want a wrapping paper with the image of their favorite TV star or character – Mickey Mouse, Power Rangers, Dora the Explorer, and the like.

However, if you’re presenting the gift to someone such as your boss at work, or a mentor, you want to go for something more mature and elegant. It doesn’t need to have a lot of coloring. A much more reserved approach will do.

Type of Gift

Lastly, you want to consider the type of gift you’re presenting. The color of the wrapping paper should match the theme of the gift. For instance, if you’re presenting a toy car or airplane to your nephew, you might want to pick out a paper with images of such characters on it if you can find one.

A lot of people don’t put much thought into this process, but you don’t have to be like them. Remember, if you’re giving a gift to someone special in your life, you want them to be moved after receiving it. As the saying goes, first impressions matter, and most gifts are judged by their wrapping before they are opened.


Now that you know how to make a paper gift bag step by step, you will never have to worry about spending a dime on beautiful paper gift bags again. The only items you will need to invest money in are your wrapping papers and accessories.

Lastly, remember to keep the wrapping sheet tips we mentioned here in mind when picking a wrapping paper to use for your bag. This will give the receiver a healthy first impression of your gift. Match the wrapping paper with the personality of the user to be in their good books forever.

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