How to Close a Gift Bag with the Strings


Not all of us are talented at wrapping gifts the old-school way. We struggle to get those clean edges and straight lines, resulting in a gift that looks messy and odd. For those of us, a gift bag is a more logical choice. However, many people feel that gift bags can be pretty anti-climatic when opening the gift.

People love the action of tearing something open to reveal what is inside with great excitement. Looking into an open bag just isn’t the same as opening a gift that has been sealed properly. This is why we have started to look into ways to close a gift bag with the strings.

How to Close a Gift Bag with the Strings

Closing your gift bag by switching the strings

People who don’t want to wrap gifts the traditional way but still want the excitement of opening a sealed gift will be delighted to hear that there is a hack to make this happen. A TikTok video went viral recently after someone showed that it is not only possible to close a gift bag while using its strings, it is easy, too.

While many people felt this method was eye-opening and changed how we see gift bags, others didn’t like it very much. To know whether you enjoy the technique or not, you can close your gift bag in these three easy steps:

  • Take the strings on the bag and pull them inwards so that the inside ends of the strings become longer while the string on the outer edge becomes tighter.
  • Run the edges of the strings through the other side’s holes and pull them through. For example, the string’s edge in your left hand will go through the hole to now be in your right hand. Do the same for both trims.
  • Pull the strings tight, and you will see the bag closing as the outer string tightens.

That’s it. You have managed to seal your gift bag using the strings. Although this method results in a closed gift bag, it has been criticized by several people. They felt this method resulted in a confusing opening process that is tricky and takes away from the excitement of opening the gift. So I guess the only thing we can do is to try it for ourselves.

Closing your gift bag by tying ribbon or string to the handles

If you have tried this method and you didn’t like it, another option is using pretty ribbons or string to tie the gift bag’s strings to each other. It is easy for someone to open the gift since they just have to pull on the ribbon or string to release the handles from each other.

Choosing a lovely ribbon or string that suits the gift bag is a way to make your gift bag more striking and beautiful. You can even create personalized ribbons to add that extra personal touch to your gifts.

If you have tried both these methods and you still feel that they lack that gift opening excitement factor, you can try other alternative ideas for more exciting gift wrapping.

bright gift bags isolated on white

Other Alternatives for Gift-wrapping

Those of us who aren’t great at wrapping gifts with wrapping paper and tape will be happy to hear that there are other options to make your presents look spectacular. If you don’t have a gift bag on hand or you want to try something unique, you can try these beautiful ideas to make your gifts eye-catching and exciting.

Fabric wrapping

If you have a gorgeous piece of fabric without any use, try wrapping your next fantastic gift in it. By choosing a beautiful dishcloth, for example, you offer a practical and delightful wrapping method. To test this wrapping method, place the fabric flat on a large surface.

Next, place the gift in the middle of the fabric and bring the ends up. Finally, tie the ends together to make it look like a fun and fashion-forward gift. Make sure you make a strong knot with all ends so that the gift won’t be revealed. This method is excellent for square gifts and isn’t recommended for gifts that are oddly shaped.

Potato chip wrapping delight

After you’ve enjoyed a crunchy munch, you can use the potato chip bag as a fun wrapping tool with the shiny silver aluminum inner part of the bag as your outer wrapping. To do this, be sure to open your chip packet carefully and remove the chips without breaking the bag.

Then cut along the sides and wipe down any chips, moisture, or oil. Place the silver side face down on a flat surface and place the gift on top of it. Then wrap as usual. This method is terrific for small gifts that are square-shaped. If you have a large gift that you want to wrap, this isn’t a method you can try.

Tote bag fun

Tote bags are functional and fabulous. If you have a gift for someone special, add that extra touch by choosing a tote bag that you know that person will love. By doing this, you give that person an additional gift that is very practical.

Gift boxes

When it comes to glamourous gift-giving, few gift-wrapping ideas come close to gift boxes. These boxes look stylish and neat while keeping the gift safe from danger. Since gift boxes are trendy, you can enjoy a large selection of gift boxes and you’ll be sure to find one that will suit the person to whom you are giving the gift.


The act of gift-giving is a lovely experience that is heightened if your gift is beautifully wrapped. Gift bags are incredibly versatile and widely available. In addition, they come in a variety of colors and styles, making them suitable for everyone. With such a great selection of gift bags available today, we no longer need to wrap gifts the traditional way. Instead, bag that incredible gift and try one of the mentioned methods to close the bag.

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