Hard to Open Gift Wrapping Ideas

Everyone loves the thrill that comes with opening a gift. The feeling you get when you unwrap a gift is filled with excitement and exhilaration. Many people enjoy pranking their loved ones with gifts that are nearly impossible to open. The struggle to open the present will be even more memorable than the gift itself. If you enjoy pranking those closest to you, you can try wrapping their gifts in a way that is challenging to open.

Hard to Open Gift Wrapping Ideas

Pass the Parcel Wrapping Style

A popular party game, Pass the Parcel, has been around for years and is still enjoyed today. The reason for this is simple; it is fun and exciting. Although it is a game that is normally played at kids’ birthday parties, adults can have fun with this amusing game, too. The game involves a gift that is usually small in size that has been wrapped several times with either newspaper or wrapping paper and lots of tapes.

Music plays and the parcel is passed from one person to another while seated in a circle. When the music stops, the person who holds the gift can start to rip the paper off. However, once the music begins again, the gift gets passed around again until the music stops.

This process is repeated until the present is finally completely unwrapped and the person who is the one to remove the last bit of paper is the receiver of the gift. If you enjoy wrapping gifts to an extreme, this is a game that you can play the next time you have a social gathering. It is bound to be a big hit among people of all ages.

Even if you don’t want to try the game, the wrapping style that the game presents is an excellent option for hard to open gift wrapping. By wrapping a gift various times on paper with tape, it is challenging for the gift receiver to open it. It is an excellent option because you can control just how difficult it is to open the gift. If you give it to a child, for example, maybe about five wraps will be sufficient.

However, if you are wrapping it for an adult, you can go nuts and make it the most challenging gift to open. If you are concerned about the cost of wrapping paper, you can use newspaper as your primary wrapping source. Wrap all the inner layers with newspaper and then use very nice-looking paper for the final outer layer. Give it a try the next time a special birthday comes up and enjoy the giggles it will cause.

Balloon String Web Design

When it comes to a nearly impossible string to break, balloon string probably stands close to the front of the line. This colorful and festive-looking string is often associated with birthday parties and gifts because it adds a pretty touch. In addition, this string is cheap and versatile, making it perfect for your next gift prank. This method works best on gifts that have a square or rectangular shape.

Start by wrapping the gift as nicely as you can. Then place your balloon string around the present and make a knot where the ends meet. Then put it around again at a different spot of the gift, and so on. The goal is to make lines of the balloon string all around the gift.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can put a sizable shiny gift decorative star where all the ends meet to hide the spot that needs to be removed. This wrapping style is creative and colorful, making it an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys a bright delight.

Hands of a woman in dark red sweater wrapping Christmas present on a wooden desk.

The Zip Tie Challenge

Nothing keeps something as steady in its place quite as zip ties do. So add a fun twist to your next gift by enveloping the entire present in zip ties. Zip ties are cheap and a pretty clean way to play a prank on someone. However, since the gift will most probably require a pair of scissors to remove the zip ties, it is better not to use this method if you are giving a very fragile or breakable gift.

If your gift can’t be broken, go ahead and introduce the birthday boy or girl to the present that will cause the biggest headache and the most laughter to open. Start by wrapping the gift nicely, preferably in a rectangular or square box. Then take a zip tie across the package and tie it.

Repeat this process until the entire gift is covered in zip ties. If you want to add an extra bit of humor to the present, include a pair of scissors inside the gift. The gift receiver will be entertained because the solution to the challenge was inside the gift, after all.

Chain and Lock Gift Prank

If you are wrapping a gift that isn’t too large, you can be the life of the party with this wrapping method. After wrapping the gift properly, use a chain to wrap it around the present several times. A bicycle chain is an excellent option to use, or else any thin chain that can easily bend and that won’t be too bulky or too heavy will do the trick.

Once you have wrapped the chain enough so that the ends meet, you can use a lock to lock the ends into position. Obviously, it won’t be possible for the receiver to open the gift without the key, so you can add a game into the gift opening experience here. A scavenger hunt with clues that lead to the final destination of the key is a great idea that will add even more excitement to the gift.


The art of gift-giving is rewarding and heartwarming. Some of us enjoy combining those feelings with a bit of laughter. Enjoy the insanely difficult to open wrapping ideas to make your gift memorable and exciting every time.

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