23 Gifts for Autistic Adults That Are Relaxing And Fun In 2023


Gifts for autistic adults should have sensory considerations and be something that they find engaging. There are many options and once you see what is available, it makes it much easier to choose a gift for your loved one. Think about what your loved one enjoys to ensure that you pick the right gifts for autistic adults.

1. Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector

Turn the ceiling into the cosmos with this projector light. It offers a night light experience that provides a glow in the room. Since it’s not too bright, it will not keep you awake when you are sleeping with it. The stars move slowly, helping to provide a relaxing experience. This light can accommodate the ceiling of most standard bedrooms.


2. Eterichor Starry Night Light Projector


This light projector has two themes to choose from. Choose from an under the sea or a space theme. Since the lamp rotates at 360 degrees, you get a full show of lights in the room. You can use batteries to power this light or use a DC battery and charge it up with the included USB cable to keep the light show going.


3. Tornado Twister Lamp

gifts-for-autistic-adults-lampThis lamp changes colors so that you can choose the one that makes you the most relaxed. Use the remote control to pick the hue that you prefer. In addition to the colors, this lamp has a water vortex inside of it. Watch the vortex spin, getting larger and smaller as it goes, providing a high level of visual stimulation.


4. Tangle Creations Tangle Therapy

These devices help people to relieve discomfort in the hands and arms, and they give a sensory experience. When someone is feeling overwhelmed, handling these products can help to alleviate stress or aid them in concentration. As you move the Tangles around, the liquid inside starts to move around for visual stimulation.


5. YoYa Toys Liquimo Liquid Bubbler

gifts-for-autistic-adults-yoyaThis bubbler is stimulating, giving you something fun to look at. It is one of the best gifts for autistic adults because it provides a good balance of relaxation and stress relief. You get three of them in different colors, making it easy to give someone a visual stimulation experience that they are sure to enjoy.


6. Magnetic Poker Sculpture Desk Toy

poker-artThis is a small desk sculpture that allows you to design the sculpture in the way that you prefer. It includes a variety of poker accessories, including cards, chips and dice. The small pieces are easy to move around and fit onto their small magnetic base so that the pieces do not get lost when you are not using them.


7. YoYa Toys Penguin Stress Relief Balls

gifts-for-adults-with-autism-reliefThese little penguins are stuffed with beads that make them easy to squish. Hold the penguins in your hands and squeeze them to start experiencing stress relief. There are three of them in the pack so that you can hold one of them in each hand. Use these to handle anxiety or stressful situations much easier.


8. Autism Puzzle Insulated Tumbler

This tumbler is an ideal choice for those with autism. It features the encouraging message “It’s OK to be Different” along with some fun dinosaurs. The stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation reduces condensation and makes it great for consuming both cold and hot drinks. It does not contain any BPA, making it safe for you to drink out of regularly. The best part is you can personalize it with a name of your choice!


9. Handheld Fidget Toy for Adults

This fidget toy fits onto any desk. It uses a kinetic flow to help ensure that your mind remains engaged and your hands busy at all times. You can start using this toy as soon as you get it as there is no assembly required. The spinner case is removable so that you can use this toy in the way that you prefer.


10. Milliard Sensory Pad

sensory-padThis pad contains foam blocks inside of it so that it is safe for people to land on. It is also a good place to relax for things like reading. You can wipe off the cover and wash it, ensuring that it is easy to keep clean. The air that gets into the pad is released gently due to the vents so that this pad remains soft and comfortable.


11. Teen Talk in a Jar

gifts-for-autism-talkThis set of questions helps people to talk more and avoid one-word answers. When you use one of the cards, it prompts the person you are working with to think about their answer before they provide it. You can use this with autistic adults who have trouble communicating because it provides questions that they will enjoy.


12. Twiddle Chocolate Brown Cat

brown-cat-sensory-toyThis stuffed brown cat doubles as a sensory toy. There are different accessories on it that encourage someone to test their senses. Someone can play with the different attachments or just pet and hug the cat to relieve anxiety and stress. The stuffed cat is also easy to carry around with you so that it remains available.


13. Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

gifts-for-autistic-adults-plugsThese earplugs are ideal for keeping the environment quieter. You can use them at concerts and in other places where loud music and noises are going to be present. However, they can also work well at home when you need to significantly reduce noises so that it is easy to concentrate or for reduced stress.


14. Remote Control Moon Night Light

moon-in-my-roomUse this night light to add some illumination in your space so that it is never completely dark. This light has an authentic look and you can use it to see all of the moon’s 12 phases. Simply hang this on the wall so that you are not taking up any floor space. The light has an automatic shutoff feature so that it is easy to control illumination.


15. Vibrating Pillow

gifts-for-autistic-adults-pillowThis vibrating pillow can provide a sense of stress relief and relaxation. It also has a calming effect, making it a good choice when you are out in public and need something to help to relieve anxiety. To make it start vibrating, all you have to do is touch is so that there is no need to operate any buttons.


16. Toysmith Pin Art

pin-artThis artistic toy gives people a way to keep their mind and hands busy. Manipulate the pins in this toy to create a variety of art. Once you want to use it again, just turn it on its side and it will go back to its neutral position. Due to the size of this pin art, it is easy to hold in your hands.


17. Squishy Flippy Frog Toy

gifts-for-autistic-adults-frogThis toy can be squeezed to help to reduce stress in any situation. It is relatively small, allowing you to easily hold it in your hand and squeeze it. When you do squeeze the frog, the eyes pop out, helping to alleviate tension and keep using the toy fun and humorous.


18. DreamGYM Sensory Swing

sensory-swingThis swing is a combination of cotton and spandex, allowing you to move around and it will stretch with your body. You get all of the hardware that you need to hang it from the ceiling so that it is easily available at all times. The swing can accommodate people up to 220 pounds.


19. Fidget Cube Finger Toys

gifts-for-autistic-adults-fidgetThis is a small cube that you can carry in your pocket. Move the parts so that you can work to keep your hands busy. The cube is a good alternative for a fidget spinner for those who do not enjoy using those. There are eight cubes in one that are easy to angle and rotate in several directions.


20. Serenilite Hand Therapy Balls

therapy-ballsThese balls are a good option for relieving anxiety and stress. You can also use them for the purpose of physical therapy or to activate your senses. They are made from a soft fabric that is pleasant to touch. Use these to work on things like grip strength and to improve hand dexterity.


21. 26-Pack of Sensory Toys

sensory-toysIf you are looking for a variety of items that are ideal for sensory issues, this pack of toys is a good choice. You will get a wealth of items, from toys that are squishy to those that you can move around and manipulate. All of these toys are ideal for sensory issues and stress relief.


22. 22-Pack of Sensory Toys

sensory-fidget-toysThis pack of toys includes a variety of items to alleviate stress and promote sensory play. Some of the toys are ideal for squishing and keeping your hands busy when you are using them. Other toys are better for focus and concentration so that you can avoid a stressful situation.


23. Hand Compression Massager

hand-massagerThis hand massager is very relaxing and calming, and it helps to take the mind off of stressful situations. It provides a massage that is not too rough, ensuring that you can remain comfortable throughout the process. The massager is also very easy to use to ensure adequate stress relief.


FAQ – Gifts for Autistic Adults

What are good gifts for people with autism?

Good gifts for people with autism include gifts that take into account sensory requirements, any stims they may have, and also their own preferences. If it’s a sensory gift that you’re looking for, try the DreamGYM Sensory Swing or the Milliard Sensory Pad.

What do you buy an autistic person for Christmas?

You can buy an autistic person anything they like for Christmas. If you are unsure what types of gifts they like, you can always ask. Some people prefer toys or fun tech gadgets while others enjoy books and other practical gifts. If you’re still unsure, some fun ideas include the Tornado Twister Lamp, Eterichor Starry Night Light Projector, or the 26-Pack of Sensory Toys.

What can help with autism in adults?

Sensory toys and objects can help with autism in adults. So can gifts that help them to relax and reduce noise such as the Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs and the Serenilite Hand Therapy Balls.

What do autistic adults like to play with?

It’s important to keep in mind that autistic adults all have different likes and dislikes. They may enjoy sensory toys or typical toys like the Toysmith Pin Art which is fun for everyone!

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