Do You Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

Welcoming a new baby into the world has never been as exciting as right now. The anticipation of meeting the little one is lovely as we celebrate with baby showers and gender reveal parties. So as you get ready to join a special afternoon with a pregnant soon-to-be mom and all her loved ones, you might wonder whether you should take a gift to a gender reveal party.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal parties are very trendy right now. They are extraordinary events where an unborn baby’s gender is revealed to the expecting parents, their families, and friends. These parties are very creative with several fun methods to announce whether it will be a boy or a girl.

Should You Take a Gift?

Usually, gifts aren’t required at a gender reveal party, but they will most definitely be much appreciated. It takes a lot of effort and money to prepare for a new baby, so every gift that helps the expecting parents get ready is one step forward. If you feel that you would rather buy a gift later when you know the gender of the baby, it is understandable and a good decision.

However, if you like arriving at a party with a gift in your hand, and you feel this is no exception, you can always get the baby something that is neutral-colored. If you are still in doubt, focus on the mother. Expectant mothers deserve some pampering, after all. Let’s look at good gifts for the baby and the mother at a gender reveal party.

Gender Reveal Party Baby Gift Ideas

Great gifts for a gender reveal party will not be pink or blue as those colors are typically seen as boy or girl colors. Instead, colors such as yellow, green, or white are good options since those colors are gender-neutral. In addition, practical gifts are always a good choice since they aren’t gender-specific. Here are a few ideas that will stand out at a gender reveal party.

Teething Sets

Babies cut teeth, and it is a painful and challenging time for the baby and the parents. So show your support by choosing a teething set that will help the baby through this process. These days teething sets are colorful and fun with great designs.

Portable Play Mats

Tummy time is essential as the baby grows, and if you want to get a gift that will be used often, a portable play mat is a great choice. Be sure to choose a playmat that is gender-neutral with loads of sensory elements.

Baby Grooming Sets

All babies need to be groomed with special tools, so getting the expecting couple a baby grooming set is a great idea.

Baby Bottles, Feeders, or Meal-prep Packs

Babies require a lot of work when it comes to feeding. Help the expecting mother with a gift that will take the load off once the baby has arrived. However, only buy baby bottles if you know which brand the mother prefers since many mothers have a preferred brand that they stick to.

Wet Wipe Warmer

Wet wipes are essential for keeping a baby clean and comfortable, but they can be pretty cold, especially if you live in a cold place. A wet wipe warmer is a great tool that keeps the wet wipes at a suitable and comfortable temperature for the baby.

Nasal Sucking Device

Babies have problems with mucus. It can be challenging for a baby to get the mucus out of the nose. Therefore a nasal sucking device is always a welcomed gift.

Blue, pink pastel balloons and confetti floating from gift box

Gender Reveal Party Ideas For The Expectant Mother

If you don’t want to get a gift for the baby because you don’t know the gender, spoiling the expectant mother with a gift is always a sweet and appreciated gesture. Here are a few ideas that will put a smile on the soon-to-be mom’s face.

Bath Set

Most women love taking a relaxing bath, and pregnant women even more so. They are uncomfortable and daily tasks can be exhausting. Give the mom-to-be a gift that will make her excited about bath time.

A Luxurious Robe

Pregnant women often feel confined and restricted in their clothing because they are expanding in size. Give the expectant mother a gift that will allow her to relax. Everyone loves a plush and fluffy robe, so show the mother-to-be you care with this incredibly thoughtful gift.

A Box of Treats

Pregnant women enjoy snacking, and she will love you if you spoil her with a box of her favorite treats. So keep those cravings away with a unique treat box set that you can make yourself or purchase from delicatessens.

Spa Treatments

Women love being pampered, and pregnant women are no exception. Many spa resorts offer special pregnancy massage or treatments that will make the mom-to-be feel relaxed and destressed. When booking the spa treatment, please mention that you are booking it for someone pregnant, so they tell you about the selection of spa treatments they have for pregnant women.

A Day at the Hairdressers

Like a spa treatment, taking the mom-to-be to the hairdressers for a day is a great way to make her feel special and loved. Pregnant women often struggle with their hair because of the changing hormones. Most hairdressers offer unique hair masks and treatments that are perfect for pregnant women. A nice touch is booking an appointment for yourself, too, so the two of you can bond even more.


Show the expectant mother you are delighted to share the journey into motherhood with her with a nice piece of jewelry. It will be a reminder of a special day for the rest of her life. But, of course, it helps if you know her style before investing in jewelry.


A baby gender reveal party is such an incredible moment in the lives of expecting parents, their family, and friends. If you are lucky enough to share the special day with them, take a wonderful gift that will show how much you care.

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